Nutmeg Animal Welfare's Mission

You come across a homeless dog or cat on the street and think, “I wish I could give it something to eat or drink.”

You hear how poachers in East Africa are threatening elephant and rhinoceros populations to near-extinction and wonder, “Why can’t they stop this madness?!”

You witness a sickening case of animal abuse and sigh, “Something needs to be done about this. . . but what can I do?!”

Well, you no longer need to feel frustrated and helpless. Never again do you have to ignore these and other problems or leave them for someone else to address. Nutmeg Animal Welfare was created to help give you piece of mind that you truly can do something tangible for distressed animals all across the globe!

Now, you might be thinking, “There are literally thousands of animal-related charities in the United States alone. So, what sets Nutmeg apart?”

How we’re different: Nutmeg’s “core four”

RESPONSIBILITY: A minimum of 75% of every Nutmeg donation goes directly to animals in need.

When you support any charity, you’re not just handing over your money, you’re also placing your trust in the kindness of those individuals responsible for seeing that your money is properly spent. Sadly, in many cases, you have no idea who these individuals are or what they are doing with your money. But not at Nutmeg. . . We take our responsibility seriously. When you contribute to our mission, we return the favor by giving you piece of mind in knowing that at least 75 percent of your gift (sometimes more!) will reach its intended target — the untold numbers of homeless, neglected, abused, endangered, suffering, and otherwise needy or distressed animals in our world today.

TRANSPARENCY: Nutmeg helps you track your entire donation.

We believe that every Nutmeg donor deserves to know how his or her entire contribution (regardless of how big or small) is being spent. To that end, we share photographs, videos, receipts, and any other relevant documents to update you on how Nutmeg is putting your hard-earned money to good use. Whenever possible, we also introduce you to the animal or animals who are benefitting from your generosity. We may not spend your gift all at once, but we promise to keep you informed every step of the way until we’ve allocated every last dollar, pound, euro, forint, koruna, etc.

CONCENTRATION: Nutmeg identifies, then targets “trouble spots” worldwide.

In our travels across America and around the globe, we’ve discovered far too many communities where there exist dangerously high concentrations of animal suffering. We’re determined to stamp out these problems, or at least work as hard as we can to reduce them, one “trouble spot” at a time. Whether it’s helping build a new animal shelter, providing supplies to an existing one, sending doctors to treat animals in desperate need of medical attention. . . you name it. Nutmeg channels its resources routinely to these same needy locations in an effort to eradicate the problem and prevent it from cropping up again.

FLEXIBILITY: Nutmeg responds immediately whenever, wherever it finds animals in need.

Thirsting dogs in a hot, dry Egyptian desert. A lonely chocolate Labrador and his faithful friend, a white rabbit, starving on a cobblestone street in Rouen. Emaciated cats in the hundreds overrunning one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milan. The examples are endless, unfortunately. From our humble beginnings, however, it has always been Nutmeg’s mission to be in a position to provide even the most basic comforts and relief to suffering animals: good food, clean water, temporary shelter, medical care, and a whole lot of love. Too many of these animals have never known a world where such fundamental needs are met. Nutmeg is here to change that. Even if only for a moment, we want every animal to know that it deserves to be loved and cared for, and to enjoy that experience at least once before its time on Earth ends.

Nutmeg Animal Welfare Helping Dogs

We don’t ignore homeless animals on the street, no matter what they are or where they might be. At the very least, we respond right then and there by providing good food, clean water, and whatever else is possible at the time.

Lion cubs hugging_web

In addition to providing relief supplies and services ourselves to animals in need, Nutmeg also supports like-minded organizations throughout the world. However, we never give your money directly to any of them (with the possible exception of veterinary services). We visit and thoroughly inspect their facilities, learn exactly what they need, then purchase and deliver it directly to them to ensure that your donation is being administered properly.

Elephants on the road_web

Nutmeg’s goals are both short- and long-term. We have BIG plans to do remarkable work all across the globe, but we also understand that even the longest of journeys begins one small step at a time. We’re happy to share our vision for the future and welcome any ideas you might have. Please contact us to start the discussion!