Introducing Nutmeg’s new logo!

Since our inception in May 2014, Nutmeg Animal Welfare has used as its public face that of its eponymous pup. The photograph is both beautiful and poignant, as it pays tribute to the lovely pet dog who inspired our organization’s name.

Over time, it has become essential for us to create a more traditional logo that can more easily be applied to any and all marketing and branding items.

Toward that end, we collaborated earlier this year with Rhode Island-based graphic designer Jennifer Cournoyer and are thrilled now to unveil the results of our combined efforts.

Nutmeg’s new logo is, of course, a pair of intertwined paw prints, with the pads being made to look like heart shapes. While Nutmeg’s stated global mission is to care for needy animals of all kinds, we felt that a simple paw print design serves as a universal symbol of the animal kingdom and instantly identifies us with that world at-large.

We selected our colors from the abundant Pantone Matching System (PMS) Color Chart. Nutmeg’s primary color is a soothing shade of blue, PMS 301.

Blue conjures up images of water. Giving water to thirsty dogs in the Egyptian desert was the first humane act that got us thinking about founding a charity like Nutmeg in the first place, so, the color choice seemed altogether appropriate.

Our secondary color pays homage to our name. Since our pet dog had a coat of fur similar to the nutmeg spice, we gave him that name, which now serves as our own. As a result, we chose a spice-like golden brown to reflect the name’s origins and to complement our primary blue hue.

While the blue symbolizes water, our chosen nutmeg-gold – PMS 1245 – can also represent food. So, although Nutmeg strives to provide so much more in terms of relief supplies and services, our two color choices hark back to our baseline of offering basic relief, in the form of food and water, to needy animals everywhere.

In addition, our chosen colors are derivatives of the blue and yellow found both in the state flag of Rhode Island, where Nutmeg is headquartered, and in the original Nutmeg photograph logo.

The shape of Nutmeg’s logo is also intentional.

When viewed from any angle, straight on or from the side, it looks like paw prints headed in opposite directions – up and down, left and right. This is meant to suggest that, like a compass pointing north, south, east, and west, Nutmeg always looks to help animals in distress around the world.

If you look closely, you’ll also notice another subtlety. The two heart shapes, tilted at slight angles, combined with the flowing toe imprints, vaguely indicate the outlines of North, Central, and South America. This further hints, albeit subconsciously, at Nutmeg’s global ambitions.

Finally, there is our chosen font: Houschka Rounded Medium. We selected this because its soft edges work harmoniously with the rounded paw prints and convey the proper sense of the comfortable, safe, and loving environment that Nutmeg seeks to establish for animals worldwide.

Our choice of all lowercase letters is no accident, either. It is intended to remind us of our humble origins and that we exist to serve the world’s overlooked, underprivileged animals.

The classic image of our beloved Nutmeg (pictured at right) will forever hold a special place in our hearts, not only because he was our first pet, but also because his likeness served dutifully as our charity’s logo for our first three years. We hope to employ this image occasionally in the future for specific purposes.

In the meantime, we embark henceforth on our ambitious endeavors with a sophisticated, professionally designed logo that is both simple in form, yet elaborate in symbolism. We believe it truly reflects Nutmeg’s stated mission of “caring for needy animals everywhere.” ETS