Seeking justice for abused dog Moses

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A skeleton, barely draped by a deteriorating layer of skin and unhealthy fur. A haunted expression, eyes sunken in defeat and desperate for an answer to a simple question: Why?!

Why did you treat me this way? Why do I deserve this? Why isn’t there anyone in this world who loves me and can take care of me?

Moses 2In what authorities say is one of the most disturbing cases of animal neglect in Rhode Island history, a mongrel canine named Moses was euthanized this week after being abandoned by its owner. The man then lied to police by saying he “found” the dog in a nearby store parking lot. That man, Brian Kenney of Cross Street in North Providence, later admitted he fabricated the story and that the dog was actually his. He has now been charged, we’re told, and could face imprisonment and a fine.

These gruesome images of Moses, taken by the Rhode Island SPCA, are reminiscent of those of concentration camp prisoners in World War II.  Moses suffered years of neglect and a lack of love as he was held captive in his own home, never taken out for walks or played with by his supposed family. It turns out, Moses suffered from a severe medical condition, and his owner claimed he couldn’t afford the treatments. But instead of being responsible and finding a new home for the dog, Kenney allowed Moses to rot away inside the home. Moses weighed just 30 pounds when state animal authorities took him into their care for his final hours.

The case hit especially close to home for Nutmeg Animal Welfare’s founder and president, Erik Scalavino, whose parents live on the street where Moses endured his tormented life. Local TV news and talk radio stations have since reported on the story, so, thankfully, there is a growing outcry for Kenney to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Moses 4Nutmeg’s founder was interviewed by one of the local TV news outlets about the Moses tragedy.

“We reached out to the Animal Control Officer in town to see how Nutmeg might be able to help this poor dog,” he told ABC6 reporter Ana Bottary, “but unfortunately, it appears there wasn’t much we could have done this time. But that’s why we created Nutmeg, to help the countless other animals around the world who are needless victims of this kind of unspeakable and unjustifiable abuse.

“It’s horrifying,” he added about this particular case. “I don’t know how you can look into the eyes of any animal and not feel compassion for it, and a desire to want to do everything you can to help it. I travel frequently around the country and around the world, and unfortunately, I see instances like this everywhere I go. No place is immune from this sort of evil, but we established Nutmeg to help eradicate the problem, or at least do our best to reduce it.”

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