UPDATE! Caribbean rescue dog Finn finds new home

We’re thrilled to report that Finn, the dog featured in the story below, has found a permanent home in the Greater Boston area! Thanks to all our supporters who expressed a sincere interest in adopting Finn. We hope you’ll help us save more animals like Finn in the future.

When you hear the names “Turks and Caicos,” you probably imagine endless blue skies, warm waters, soft, sandy beaches, and a quiet retreat from your everyday troubles. While it is true for many, the reality is that these Caribbean islands are less than paradise for many of their animal residents.

Take Finn, for instance. This adorable pup — a Caribbean mixed breed known as a potcake — was recently rescued from her pitiful existence there: homeless, hungry, and unloved. Thanks to some dedicated people here in New England, where Nutmeg is headquartered, Finn is now residing temporarily at the Cape Ann Animal Aid facility in scenic Gloucester, Massachusetts.

While she’s certainly in a better situation today than she was in the Turks and Caicos, Finn deserves more. She needs a permanent home with people who will love her, shower her with attention and affection… in short, provide her the kind of paradise she was missing in the Caribbean.

If you or any responsible person or family that you know are seriously interested in adopting Finn, please contact the Cape Ann folks at +1 (978) 283-6055. Let them know that you heard about Finn through Nutmeg, and if there’s anything further we can do to help find Finn a new home, we’d be happy to do so.