Nutmeg’s hometown our newest partner

NORTH PROVIDENCE, USA — As our web address clearly suggests, Nutmeg Animal Welfare is a charity with a worldwide mission. Sometimes, that mission — caring for needy animals everywhere — includes animals quite literally in our own backyard.

The suburban town of North Providence, Rhode Island, just outside the state’s capital city of Providence, happens to be Nutmeg’s world headquarters. For years, homeless animals who’ve been rescued by North Providence animal control officers have been taken to a facility that is woefully inadequate (pictured below). Conditions for the animals have, for far too long, been cramped, uncomfortable, and perhaps even a bit frightening.

NP animal shelter wide_webMaking matters more difficult for the good people in charge of this facility, the North Providence Animal Shelter also serves the needs of the neighboring community of Johnston, RI. And there’s talk that a third local town might also be served by this one insufficient shelter.

Soon, however, homeless animals found in and near North Providence will have an entirely new, modern structure in which to reside temporarily that is more spacious, comfortable, and inviting while they await placement in permanent residences with loving families. And we’re proud to announce that Nutmeg will be involved in improving the lives of the animals in that temporary shelter.

After an initial introductory meeting with us at the North Providence Town Hall on May 1, 2015, the town’s mayor, Charlie Lombardi, asked Nutmeg to help town NP town hall_webofficials select an architectural firm to design a functional, welcoming space on the land where the current shelter currently stands. In addition, we offered the mayor our continued support, once the new facility is built, by providing quality food and materials that the animals there will need. This will ensure that the animals receive the care they deserve, while helping lower the taxpayer cost of maintaining the shelter long-term.

We’re thrilled to be involved in so noble a project, Nutmeg’s first effort to help create a new animal shelter, and even more excited that it will be here in North Providence, just down the road from where Nutmeg Animal Welfare was founded. It wouldn’t be possible, though, without generous support from folks like you. With your help, we’re optimistic that this latest endeavor will be a success. We will, of course, update you throughout the construction process. Stay tuned!  ETS

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